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    Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    For people who have regular income but are behind on debt payments, Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be the best choice. In times of economic trouble, many people find themselves without work for extended periods of time. However, even though they can’t find work, they’re still expected to make all of your payments. For some, this is impossible and they fall behind on their debt payments.

    Maybe you lost your job for 6 months, but you’re working again now. You can make your current payments, but you’ve found yourself 6 months behind with no way to catch up. Chapter 13 bankruptcy can buy you the time you need to get back on track.

    The Process

    Chapter 13 bankruptcy involves making a payment plan to pay off in manageable payments over the next 3 to 5 years. At the end of that period any remaining debts will be discharged!  Some of the debts that don’t qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy may still be eligible for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. These include recent debt, criminal fines, and debt incurred by fraud. The important thing is that after filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you cannot be foreclosed on or harassed by your creditors.

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