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    Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

    Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, sometimes called “liquidation bankruptcy,” allows you to discharge your debt. This is also the most common form of bankruptcy. Discharging your debt essentially eliminates as much of your debt as possible and allows you to start over. We have helped many Provo and Orem residents successfully file Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The Chapter 7 bankruptcy process can take anywhere between 3-5 months.

    What Debts Can Be Discharged

    Not all kinds of debts qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Different laws apply to Chapter 7 bankruptcy depending on what state you’re in. That is one of the reasons Affordable Bankruptcy Advocates is the best choice for Provo and Orem residents. We can help you through the whole Utah bankruptcy process. The following types of debt are some examples of dischargeable types of debt:

    • Medical Bills
    • Credit Cards
    • Payday Loans
    • Some Back Taxes
    • Some Judgments

    Affordable Bankruptcy Advocates can help you with the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process. We will help you prepare a bankruptcy petition. This petition will determine how much of your debt can be discharged. After the proceedings in bankruptcy court, you will be free of the heavy weight from debt and the harassment of your creditors.

    Free Bankruptcy Consultation

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